Meet Meg Cameron

A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT, AN ACTIVIST, AND SMALL-BUSINESS OWNER, Meg donates her time, energy and resources to Democratic and community causes. Meg is running to be the leader we need now. She will be a tough, compassionate, principled voice for the 91st Assembly District.

Meg grew up in Brooklyn with parents who wrote for pulp true-crime magazines. She attended P.S. 7 and P.S. 8, and then St. Ann’s on a full financial aid scholarship. Growing up during the Civil Rights, Anti-War and Women’s Liberation movements, she developed a lifelong drive to defend rights, protest wrongs and work for the well-being of all. 



To that end, Meg has served as an executive member of the board of Planned Parenthood’s local affiliate (PPHP) for nine years, holding various leadership positions.  PPHP provides comprehensive reproductive health services to traditionally underserved communities in Westchester, Putnam, Suffolk, and Rockland, while defending women’s right to control their own bodies and fates. She has volunteered with seniors, delivering Meals-on-Wheels; with children, as a volunteer in public schools; and with immigrants, as an English language tutor.


Meg is Chair of the Rye City Democratic Committee. In her six years of leadership, Meg used her ability to negotiate with others and fight for objectives to double the committee's membership and manage two City Council/mayoral campaigns. The result: a resoundingly successful initiative to flip Rye’s City Council from all-Republican-endorsed to all-Democrat-endorsed. A tireless advocate for Democratic candidates, Meg can be found hosting fundraisers or ringing doorbells for candidates up and down the ballot.


Along with their son, Meg and her husband Jim are co-owners of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG), New York State’s only car manufacturer. SCG designs and builds innovative, high-performance race and road cars and gives employment to over 100 people.


Meg and Jim have lived in the district for 35 years. Their two children attended Rye City public schools. Meg loves the district’s natural beauty, its vibrant urban neighborhoods, its cultural offerings, and its people. She appreciates its cleanliness and safety. In better times, she relishes buying fresh produce at the Mamaroneck Farmers Market, exploring Port Chester’s dining scene with her husband, and taking her grandchildren to Playland and the Westchester Children’s Museum. She supports and uses the district’s public libraries, which continue to enrich us through online/digital services while their buildings are closed. Deeply engaged with the district, Meg will work tirelessly to help its towns, institutions, businesses, and people recover from the current crisis.


Meg earned a BFA/BA in Visual Arts and Biology from SUNY Purchase and a Masters degree in Immunology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her understanding of the district’s issues come from her science background and analytical skills, as well as her experiences as a mother and grandmother, and her service as a political activist and volunteer.


These unprecedented times call for new, vibrant and engaged leadership. Choose a representative who will stand strong and fight for our district’s recovery and well-being! 


Choose Meg!

Meg will provide the strong, compassionate, principled leadership the district deserves.

Meg's Vision

Meg envisions a New York that comes back from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever.

A New York that helps its businesses, public institutions, and people recover from their current economic challenges.

A New York that pioneers strategies to cope with future challenges.

A New York that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and commerce while protecting workers.

A New York with a robust social safety net, affordable health care, and superb public education.

A New York that effectively addresses the climate crisis.


A New York that protects its coastal regions, parklands, and rivers.

A New York that protects its residents against Trump-era threats by enacting all possible human rights, civil liberties and racial justice measures.

A New York where neighbors cherish and help each other. 

A New York standing strong in all its greatness.

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