Rye City Mayor Josh Cohn 


“Meg understands that everyone is struggling right now. She will be an excellent advocate for the district's municipalities and people as we recover from this crisis.


Meg is not a career politician. She is running to represent us out of a sense of civic duty, compassion and enthusiasm for what government can do. In these uncertain times, we need that sensibility more than ever. It is true that Meg is empathetic, generous and kind. It is equally true that she is tenacious, bold and assertive. It’s not enough to have a representative who rests on the length of his career in politics. We need someone inspired. Someone motivated. Someone smart, caring and and honest. We need Meg”.

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Moms for Meg

Emily Hurd, former Rye City Deputy Mayor 

Julie Souza, Rye City Council member

Gina Lemon, financial services

Cheryl Geller, Democratic leader, volunteer and activist

Samantha Tollinchi, yoga teacher

Holly Galgano, faith leader

Frances Weiner, historic preservation

Olga Cheselka, psychologist

Sabrina Bunn, Playland Advisory Committee member

Erica Ross, psychologist

Diana Page, community volunteer leader

We’re moms in Assembly District 91 who want a change in Albany. We’re activists, Democratic party leaders and elected officials. Lawyers and yoga teachers, stay-at-home parents and business executives. We know Meg’s compassion, her involvement in the community, and her concern for the district’s people, young or old, successful or struggling. Two-thirds of NYS legislators are men. We need a NY State legislature that reflects NY State. We need advocates who stand up for women and our families as passionately as we stand up for ourselves.”  

We Support Meg, too:

Amy Siskind, author and activist, 

Roz WeinsteinFormer Democratic Chair, Village of Mamaroneck

Antonio CastroRye City Democratic Committee Acting Co-Chair Chair

Tom LavanRye City Democratic Committee Acting Co-Chair

Paula GamacheFormer Rye City Deputy Mayor

Elaine Herrera, activist

Ben StacksRye City Council member

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